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tv   France 24 News  PBS  February 23, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PST

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for the day. cos breaking news top twenty. so much the doors to play. stocks good news. he translates as
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non essential feature after it's called let's impeach the president emilia to mention for the former prime minister is released from jail. while it's still not clear who's in charge and it says he's not standing down at his victim of the day wolves must want to run errands for him and his men deserved rest of the basic i've been on that shortly leave to catch up with this thing is since it's taken from zhao. scott. welcome to farms and kept on the neck down the stairs to ukraine and after a traumatic day events of the country's president renewed by parliament. it's still not korean. it indeed is in charge. as in dixie on the conviction remains defiant and says he's not going anywhere. he's described as ousting as a curry. this essence that
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tribal form upon a cd leah to matching that of opposition supporters to continue their protests. after being freed from zhao a sheet risk routes from the wheelchair in kiev the squid from all its costs down to kiev tuesday to feinstein cats that duck was headed to douglas we've just witnessed an extraordinary twenty four hours in the country. they're pissing great deal of confusion as to who actually is in charge you're actually reading that however we can say for sure this morning is that the tree and called it is not in charge of kiev but not only that this is the city to which jack got his life would probably be at risk if he were to get to return at this point what we can say at this hour is that the police presence that we've been seeing in the past week on the street the interior ministry troops that sense of confrontation in showdown at least here in kiev in the capital of ukraine. that is now a past history instead what we are really seeing is a situation which
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might don as we caught the opposition. i is very much in control of the security situation in this city what they were talking about the government district or on the square independence square right behind me where i ask as has happened the past three months the protesters continue to hunker down in their tents. standing for hours and hours in the cold sun yesterday in the case of the rain as well. what's interesting situation shaping the pierre is as the regular the interior ministry police of the regular of militia have weak drawn from the confrontational stance you're having a situation where in many neighborhoods they are jointly manning barricades an patrols to government districts with the people that they were facing down i just a few days ago. the sales auto the self defense units that were aligned to the opposition. i say you have a very different situation right now i'm not to say that things are not tense anymore that it totally calm down that word out of the danger zone is a sense of the police right now or not posing an immediate threat to
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the protest is still taking a step back and this is a city very much now in the so called pro life don camp very quickly douglas sad and it's a yanukovich in the country's east of drumming up support in times of the country can actually stick to the state you know it's interesting in that because the tetons back east versus west hearing on a covert saying he's going to travel around his baskets of supporting the east meeting with people. he agrees really given me with we didn't even have protested hockey yesterday the eastern city where he fled to incite sanctuary we're calling it political base to get thousands of people showed up there just yesterday to protest in favor of the political changes here in favor of my time. yes you saw some clashes in a few cities between pro and anti night on people. zapatero shipping one city in the east. however the real situation is that it's unclear where his support is going to be in my teeth and crumble in the next few days and weeks will be interesting to see the kids had a recording that kept sinking. and down to buy
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protest is a sikh riots disneyland thousands headed to the presidential compound just outside cat when it became clear that yanukovich had flipped and thereby discovered just exactly how they agreed to head to it. i can't help but try to join the a's beat the unattended he's going out to left so ukrainian citizens into distinct yet but missed a gear yet now they have finally been able to see the kind of luxury that the president was living in it that some of the reactive it's lovely isn't it. every treaty very pretty. just one person lawfully. it was chicken essence it's a huge garden. i see in this joyous time. it's crazy for doing that. people are having it be out here checking out the president's got to his house so that at the level of corruption in ukraine that everything is done for itself sees bush's this garden everything in me wrong not caring about the people at all. i think he would be good to create a center for
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disabled children and they can also make it a park they have to pay to get into because the status is somehow recovery all the money he received here he said the protests that it had taken control of it the media have announced the debates to decide on the future of its residents. and it's enough to talk and sing. and of the g twenty capturing in sydney australia the united states and international monetary fund have also to assist ukraine and rebuilding its economy. us treasury secretary's jacob who is akin to signs that washington with you the very countries including russia is ready to assist the stock one night stay is that ukraine's debt laden economy is now facing default. its top spot causing widespread panic on my pants in other news at least nine people with codeine like how bomb attack near a field hospital in the syrian town of apnea. in the border with turkey. the hospital liaison by the son of the great gulf based businessman it's still not clear who carried out the attack that happening is
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in terror tree held by rebels fighting to overthrow the scene can send us a cent one of the wells minus one to try to ban smoking guzman on initial g has been a breeze to make the cut he was the leader of the sinaloa cartel which stifles ski jump bounce of illegal drugs in the us does not have been on the run since escaping a high security prison in the laundry basket. in two thousand and one. you who read this book. mexico's most wanted man. drug lord joaquin shorty these men finally in handcuffs. he's the leader of the sinaloa cartel which smuggled tons of drugs around the world. the man known as the shuffle was paraded on the tarmac before being flown straight to prison. her remains detained when he was a man in the city of mosul and along with a collaborator we've made you always have disobeyed for this news conference. mainly because we
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prefer to have absolute identification and our investigators of identifying team hundred percent the us and mexican law enforcement captured these men at a seaside resort in northwestern mexico. the drug lord had been on the run for thirteen years. in nineteen ninety three of thirty two recipes men in quantum i love that he escaped a high security mexican jail in two thousand won by hiding in a laundry basket. he reigned over drug empire stretching from north america to as far away as australia the us had a five million dollar bounty on the fifty six year olds had been last year chicago does peace mean the city's first enemy number one since gangster al capone. but mexico has felt the worst of the drug war torn apart by numerous cartels sixty thousand seventy eighty thousand people have died in drug related killings to a recent string of high profile arrests have served as a big boost for president me it is government. take a look of
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his having they'll spend alone atop the stone to the afghan army outpost in the east and hit the province bordering pakistan. we have a twenty soldiers to coat and set them up this week. it's just that in the high sea about to stick it in the province of the looks hopeful that was dominated by the experts the violence in thailand's a five year old girl was killed in a city up is when adopting gunman sprayed bullets on an anti catholic family in the country's east. i could to mikhail summing up a district of the traffic problems. months of anti government rallies in the country have been bought by scrapping done and printed the text. bottom line quirks a text as opposed to plans to build a new ip call the fringe city of snow and had basically trashed the place. after smashing windows and hurling rocks police responded to a gas rubber bullets. tens of thousands had gathered to protest against building the airport on protected spot
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it's the latest in a string of demonstrations against the paper. coniston gem of a pot of chili sequel. don't is usually a flurry of provincial city. on saturday has erupted in its business quarter. about a thousand mile and demonstrators confronted police throwing stones damaging stores in setting property on fire the pill is still good it's disgraceful that the strokes has turned into a violent urban guerrilla clash the organizers lost all control of the u n route and started peacefully and twenty thousand people mostly environmental activists demonstrated against the plan to build an airport outside the city. demonstrators the existing airport is enough the male pneumonia said the government bill we just waited patiently to happen. she got out of these projects. at least one member of the government is on their side. green party minister says he's thrilled. two other
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green leaders were in the round criticizing prime minister john key role for holding on to the project even do a majority of the french are opposed to it it was used to denote the job market with no drug plan security. to get a ball doing it for the presidency was that the demand protesters say they plan to keep fighting against the government's projects that's it's enough to stay with us here of what's been kept. eggs are set on an
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exciting one. thus the rounds of the port district attended branson and his team on the edge it bounced and hit help target. the technical people from some of the consequences of addiction so what's it like this place it took to get the litter pickers in the box isn't it behind the ratings demise of trial but to use syringes there are more than fifty years today. it's a system agreed by the antics and the nj. to keep the streets safe. i bought the double eyelids. yes it's too dangerous to children so it is more or less road right in the ratings up to two baguettes and filled with dreams is what previous efforts were throwing syringes everywhere all over the streets to promote air force here with the rangers
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with a potties that was built the body. has ravaged to maintain. it's not so unusual to see attic stumbling about the streets in the middle of the day. but the locals then the finances. opunake doesn't happen often. the conference yes. we went to war. ryan was bustling around them. a few minutes later all the hair and takes a ride they'll know that the mets signed him on fox carries the measles. once the region a nice addition. the place with the addicks geared to take the trucks. it's just a few meters away. some of them appendix twenty years old winners of the night although it was quite normal before this project for people to share the same ego when i was not it is a lot of people shed needles what and why is it because it was very difficult to find him a medal but it does foreign
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assistance only to the junkies love snow but when you go when you go from the securities it several times the seven or eight titles that i will get them out of my mind. france and joined that sent him on when it launched its risk prevention program in twenty ten as a form of drug addicts himself he gets a certain amount of respect. despite his experience and still struggles to stop these young people taking drugs. the fun the two little known get a political motive a woman can handle with care for example that i can talk to him and explained the resistance from the consequences of unchecked season and was on diseases that catches the window and asked me to shame and come inside to start a new digital camera wasn't on the net sons in one believes distributing cane syringe is still the best way to prevent the spread of diseases like aids. one third of all outtakes. there are infected i am to noon eastern africa are in use has spread like wildfire. right on the shores
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of zanzibar. historically the item which forms possums hansen and was a crossroads between the east and the african continent. boston a recent years. despite strict become a truck for it setting the un and into a gateway to the afghan and pakistani carolyn. these images show a joint canadian australian operation boarding suspected it. grate the cheese. one of the biggest seizures of in the past few years. five hundred seat is that a street party with around eighteen million viewers it is not with his naca to figure and had yet. this essay. and in attics. he spends all day everyday. dancing hide with his friend mason. but today is this in about made up its mind and many still hasn't smoked anything. his pockets are empty to me does what he often does. just to see his
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family picks up someplace yes that's right last time this morning when i wake up i didn't have any money left when it's the law cannot sell something and make less money if we show them the man's question drugs to strike my friends. isn't it. to fill his pockets disrupt plans to sell his shouts and his pants they do. but it was. when the tomato and the lead the sale brings him about four hundred shootings or two years. it's enough is not to provide for his family for three days. that is craving for comes first. yes when i find money. i keep looking right through the often in such an anti santa thing the money has been not find
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us. also each level still write to. the effects of smoking and just as devastating as injecting it is there a mere seventeen taking it for years. byron sells cheap here. one year ago this the white powder has poured onto the streets of stay in town got its capital and destroyed thousands of families. though. design and eyes and i were watching spiking for many it's just it will mean nothing. lost my health and my homie if the new city bus for a medal on my baby's going on now he's ten years old. in his bouncer. his friends have them. defaults make strides in that thing. the state it's not like something change it and i'm ashamed as well. it was a long time. new recordings the ministry of health ten thousand of the audience population of one million are addicted to this reality does not appear in any ties. on zanzibar
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this has been in the about beaches. the fine science the court's voices. a new desk and classified sites the fight against terror when has become the business at the time items including the creation of the civil to the schools made up of residents. the pretty easy journey. is it is a twenty minute nap. one that is a seventy seven years old a powerful muscle jacket. he joined the bbc channel three years ago are living in one strip is spent on streets about eight women and take drugs nine. use the search comes up with nothing. it said his men find no trace of drugs. not far way the police and johnny have pets or not while. what a good anime
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i'll take whatever you have a new mower. a good looking for trouble taken out of your mouth. fearing that his trucks will be seen the man is hitting the heroine and is now. but eventually he gives in. it's tiring. today sis so called brown sugar or brown some of the most expensive on the market. it is about to sniff it without caring if he was being watched authorities have a tough no tolerance approach to drug abuse. face it we hate to go to business. that's why we're invested in a while before dawn on the site disappears the oven with it. but this time financing them and care with nothing more than an actor. taking drugs is not cool if you would see any benefits. but you have are from the dugout to them something interesting and drugs. i ask you to come to our offices tomorrow so we
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can have a chance to show when he's released them on complaints of harassment. he says drug abuse is a easy targets for the police see jenny. we'll go. it's going to go. it's less than eight he'll start to say that throwing everything made goss against drug trafficking awesome reality he is a really rested. and stay in town this place is well known to most of it and for good reason. thirty seven year old mitchell st and is funded on a day spent all his life selling . these mary streets away wet. i sat around a half day. it's intended to keep each year. lucy. it is. you
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know sometime i didn't take the bullet go and keeping things had to book phone just to be delayed. on a good day he'd get an up to two hundred and fifty years. in zanzibar that's a small fortune the fifteen years of the linked fighters either has turned its back on his pasty. he's decided to get clean. that is happy to talk freely about his former job so will the new talents and samuel had great protection on these issues in almost all the policeman's new low walls some tylenol and then sometimes my carried out to raid my taste that nice when i was paying any full warning long sought to hide the drugs hello i'm using now and he's done nothing different on the total quantity one of the fire and police. it's the source of corruption that could explain the impunity enjoyed by some teachers
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often goes into trucks by day by day as opinions on her and began to change. lula will beginning with her and thus drive people to know what it holds some smoked some and insisted that with the tickets they would get together in a group that it became fashionable youngsters want to try to taste it and eventually they became dependent and salsa to sell her and themselves. but that's how it became such a big problem. some of us in you. a modest be any way to break that dependence on drugs has to get so with coral house. sounds unfair and nine. the detroit side of the house was the first to open its doors. among its occupants is to far east twenty three years old. given this house. i was not named as those who came with michelle is on the list. but
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now i'm going to be optional workout. and it'll be proved team over there. folks seem to live with easy to change the foot of talking to the detroit side the house he was addicted to . this month several times a day the seven years his life was a night in a box for one month and twenty days being tamed the legislation is needed to try to use mine is mine my smoking room with the ideas for small side for six seats things maybe they gave me want to take india to give me enough. and i accepted. the month of the twenty eight people who live here is punctuated by daily costs. he has a small responsibility as a way of getting back on their feet ross's once a day. this is new. they the teachers a former addict who spin off trucks from albany year. he teaches them twelve steps to get rid of their addiction using a method inspired by
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alcoholics anonymous. these i did. without subsidize treatments free apps is a common anti iran for it and stick with it. defrost intended to be one of its full up. the man was the funnest days we take in a memo that pain so we chose stop and so on that phenomenon is the one who called the eye in the absence of an official partner of the reintegration into society these addicts is going to be a tough challenge some of the authorities turn a blind eye to things against us. with twenty two tons of terror when leaving three headed for yet and usage expanding foster the trucks looks set to ravage the minds of an entire generation good the court. east africa has become an international drug trafficking. in tanzania every new suspect like wildfire was awake officials
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is that time. when you're ill if it's that good stuff the streets. despite the efforts of india's to a surprising extent is fairly nice doesn't it. report. also in doubt. it was but got caught. don't seek what cecil them as joe years he did to fight. mills in modern spain on just the stuff of fiction this is the only country where wind is the primary source of energy. with unemployment topping twenty six percent here. many spaniards sing with new levels can create jokes. this makes for a second wind turbine maintenance is full it's a job with the future of many wind farms are getting old and will soon need to be great. some of these students is being unemployed friday alone time
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they've been used to work as an architect until four days ago and i've had to look for another completely different options that allow me to find a job. village spanish companies ever alert to the dizzying green energies and they use the units that have shaped the floor expanding the role with businessmen and chill on a weak spot and leave it on a built in two thousand and five but this of me is it was the largest and most powerful pompey you're at. what is new about this place was dead there were many wind turbines before in the same when using the latest technologies very powerful to make the waffles. this installation the pioneering a new deck stain is also high in the offshore wind tampines at mid range in is this a t e the drone attacks some of these two systems detailing the tampines out to sea the goal is to reduce the cost of offshore wind ten times by directing and having them all the adults instead
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of sexy. at night here we have the wind turbine being told. we're trying to see how that irvine wounds by simulating different types of way. these research and development projects where paid for by the state team deals every day for the price its ocean leader is a national project which has received fifteen million euro as a fund but nowadays its financing has become much more complicated funding is decreasing in its disadvantage for us as other countries have been able to maintain high levels of the pool and pulled the plug on subsidies for many locals and even to be axed its fill the sector's future is not a cent and use on in eastern spain is one of the many vintage is chosen for an enormous wind park. the men says mili to the park helped the state says i think that a wind farm. we've been able to keep this area populated fifty people work here. by paying taxes to the village the business is getting in fights or economic boost to
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our community. there are about fifteen or twenty small companies that make a living directly face the wind farm does. this man believes the end of subsidies will mean other towns and villages will be able to defend the green economy like here as a result spanish companies are seeking their fortunes of the seas again to spain is that we do business abroad. these fans might think about moving production out of bed room and down to earth. the downgrade in india a nation that is no stranger to innovation. even for me for a particular type of ingenuity. finding low cost solutions to what extent might take over as high as third goal in a bank and we come to understand outlet
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down to earth. cos i kept calm the trustee for the job the each the i guess
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the show breaks the record for mammals at winter olympics it's now unbeatable at the games after the men's cross country teams swept the entire believe their finals and the highlights in just a minute here to nashville. saturday was torched and transport and deadly battles in kiev for me to the worst political crisis ukrainian see what the opposition taking control parliament in ruins the president calls a cloak also. singer friends all over that bring chaos and cookies it appears tha


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